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Branch manager/marketing manager/CRM-manager


Жумуш берүүчү: CORE (2 вакансиянын)

Тоголок Молдо Киевская 114/2

Окшош вакансиялар

With over 200 years of development, Guangzhou is a most famous historical trading city in China with mature government policy, business environment and trading system and more business opportunities. Established in Guangzhou, CORE has now become a professional garment producer integrated with self-production, self-distribution to the end users. According to 'Euromonitor Passport Cities' there was a significant increase of on-line merchandise sales in Uzbekistan, during the period of 2013 to 2016, from $697million dollars to $1.3billion USD. In addition, EPC expect its growth of capacity will reach up to 3.2billion USD in the year of 2021. As part of its business expansion, CORE now, is going to launch an independent on-line mall in Uzbekistan.
We now forward to a new opportunity because we see the change as a new chance. In order to transform the opportunity to the success, the most important is the team work, mutual respect, all decisions made through team communication and the culture of sharing risk and success.

As being a representative of CORE, I would like to ask your join!


[Job Description]
 Brand scheme
1. Brand Image building (brain storming level.. support)
2. Brand Imgage and Design assistant
3. Brand Promotion(course of actions and methods)
4. Improve and maintain Official website

 Research & Analyze
1. Marketing Research
2. Analyze competitive products
- SWOT Analysis
- Improvement Analysis
- Set Plan and draw a strategically drafts and plan
3. Recognition toward Marketing Trends.
4. Track important key clients in the potential target market

 Social Media / PR
1. Social Media(Facebook,instagram etc.. activity plan & paper work)
2. Google, popular local portal sites etc (Conduct SEO)
3. Paper work of Magazine Ads.
4. Mass Media strategy, executive program

Милдеттер :

 Activity plan & execution
1. Online
- ex) Prepare and execute seasonal events
- ex) Prepare and execute specialty products(supplier promotion etc.)

2. Offline
- ex) Industry meeting (small and medium sized B2C On/Off-linebrand)
- ex) Prepare and conduct presentation(vision and advantages of our company and products + what opportunities we can provide)
- ex) Conference and fair planning

 Sales support/channel
- Online-Instagram, Facebook, biding promotion(google addword) etc..
- Online based promotion lists (Individual On-line platform, cafe, blog and social media etc..)

 Legal issues & HR Issues
- Maintain most recent status of relevant legal grounds and Internal and External HR Issues

Жумуш шарттары:

Except the Branch Manager the rest of the position's job description will be informed during or after the interview [All the details in terms of Salary welfare can be discussed]

Please sent your CV with photo via Job.kg
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