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Project Manager

Жумуш берүүчү: Zensoft (5 вакансиянын)


Zensoft is successfully engaged in the development of long term start - up projects. One of our achievements is NLP processing in collaboration with MIT Scientists. Our clients are Oil and Gas companies, Healthcare, Banking, Cloud technologies, small and medium business establishments. Successful cooperation is backed up by first-class quality products .

A professional team is the main asset of Zensoft. Our team members are highly qualified in their field. Profound experience and professionalism in management, computer programming and testing contribute in the fast company growth.

We welcome ambitious and target oriented professionals, assessing every employee's individual contribution in the achievement of common objectives. We believe that your achievements are solely yours. Every employee in our company is unique, knowledgeable and highly valued.

We are over 100 team - members now, working on eleven large projects in different fields during eight years and we have plenty of other interesting ideas!
If you are willing to grow professionally, work on interesting projects, make money and enjoy it, you are our kind of guy. Welcome to our team!

Project Manager key responsibility is to bring the idea into realization in a given timeframe and with the help of resources on hand.
On the other hand, it can be further detalized to the degree of satisfying the needs of a customer and project, and upper management and the employing company. Furthermore, a good project manager strives for every team member to succeed.
Thus, there are two levels of goals to be set by a project manager, strategic and tactical.

We are looking for a project manager who is ready to fully dive into the realities of daily operations and commit to project objectives. You will be working with a strong team of software engineers, DevOps professionals, QA engineers, project managers, and clients from a variety of fields.



• Fluent English
• Good knowledge of Jira Issue Tracker
• Good knowledge of SDLC processes
• Experience writing User stories and Business Requirements.
• Stress management & conflict resolution
• Experience in Development of a project plan and Setting up deadlines, milestones
• Team management (disbursement across departments)
• Standardization of work processes in a team
• Product breakdown into components
• Determination of task priorities
• Overall project monitoring and evaluation
• Team motivation
• Balancing workload between the team
• High-level knowledge of Cloud base servers (AWS, Google cloud etc.)
• Ensuring transparent communication environment between the parties involved
• Determining the needs and wants of the project
• Critical thinking
• Negotiation skills
• Risk management
• Planning skills

Милдеттер :

• Liaise between end client and dev team to make sure both parties are satisfied and don’t have unanswered questions/concerns.
• Activity and resource planning.
• Setting up development processes, and quality management processes.
• Maintain Jira project management tool on daily basis and make sure Sprint is going as planned.
• Monitor developer team and make sure everyone has tasks/tickets to work on.
• Prepare project documentation with long term/short term goals and deliverables.
• Project reporting, make sure all project stakeholders are fully aware of what is going on with the project, development priorities, problems etc.
• Project risk management.
• Measure project performance using appropriate systems, tools and techniques.
• Manage software release process.

Жумуш шарттары:

We offer great benefits to our employees:
• Comfort and modern office in the center of the city
• Corporate parties and common recreation activities
• On time salary payments
• Sports compensation
• Convenient work schedule
• Official employment
• Free English classes provided by the company
• Friendly and great work environment
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