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ThinkLab (http://thklab.com) is looking for a support and sales manager.

NOTE: we may send a short text for translation to evaluate your level of English.

Thinklab is a dynamically growing company that works with diverse projects on the international level. We have a team of highly professional and extremely friendly people. By becoming a part of us, you will not only learn and grow professionally but make long-lasting friendships and connections.

Our achievements:
- In recent years we have won the very first hackathon in Bishkek, organized by “Estonian Mafia” Garage48 (http://garage48.org/blog/the-winner-of-first-garage48-event-in-bishkek-kyrgyzstan-segmently)
- We were mentioned in TechInAsia, Shopify, Compass, WeMakeWebsites, Growthspark, etc.
- We launched SocialShopWave, Hire-Experts, and few more successful startups aimed at a global market.


You perfectly fit our requirements if:
- Your English is fluent (if you have any doubts please don’t even consider this option)
- You are an extremely responsible and self-disciplined person
- Open to criticism and ready to learn and improve constantly
- Ready to commit and work to our team’s success
- You like working in a team
- You want to help people in achieving their dreams with all your heart (https://www.shopify.com/enterprise/how-a-dark-week-in-bed-helped-this-hippie-entrepreneur-launch-an-apparel-brand-that-went-from-zero-to-1-6-million-overnight

Милдеттер :

Be actively involved in promotions, sales, and support of our projects. You will need to help our clients in discovering our products, guide them in using the provided business solutions effectively via email and online chat.

Жумуш шарттары:

Work Environment:
New, comfortable office with very nice people and loyal administration. We have yard gears for working out, heavy bag, you can play table tennis and other games during the breaks. The company offers free lunches and you can get snacks anytime you wish.

Working hours: 5 days a week, 8 hours per day (+1 hour for lunch break), from 8.30-17.30.
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и Кыргызстане

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