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English teacher

Окшош вакансиялар

School Complex “Erudite” invited to work highly qualified EFL English teachers.


• Be a native-level speaker of English.
• English language training in accordance with the requirements of international standards.
• Preparation for international exams: TOEFL, IELTS, FCE, СAE, CPE.
• Understanding what the communicative approach and ability to apply it in practice possession of the game motivated methods.
• Successful experience in preparing students for Olympiads rating.
• Persistence in achieving high performance and quality of education.
• Commitment, ability to manage your time well, and keeping promises.
• The ability equally work with children primary of school age and secondary school students.
• Be professional in all aspects of behavior, a team-player, flexible, cheerful, and energetic.
• The presents of international certificates mast.

Милдеттер :

• The organization of educational process in their lessons and other activities with students, directing and controlling the development of this process;
• Preparation for international tests, participate in various competitions, training of projects works;
• Punctuality, responsibility, vitality, sociability;
• Correct oral and written language.
• The quality of educational process.
• The main task is to achieve high results.
• classroom management;
• planning, preparing and delivering lessons to a range of classes and age groups;
• preparing and setting tests, examination papers and exercises;
• marking and providing appropriate feedback on oral and written work;
• devising, writing and producing new materials, including audio and visual devising, writing and producing new materials, including audio and visual resources;
• organizing and getting involved in social and cultural activities such as sports competitions, school parties, dinners and excursions;
• attending and contributing to training sessions;
• participating in marketing events for the language school;
• preparing information for inspection visits and other quality assurance exercises;
• basic administration, such as keeping student registers and attendance records

Жумуш шарттары:

The selection will take places in 4 stages:

1. Send your full resume in Russian and English languages by email erudit.kg with the subject " Teacher vacancy"

2. Passage of test task. или Pass the test task

3. Demonstration of a demmo-lesson.

4. Interview with Head of "School Education" department and Principal of the school.
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