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Chief Financial Officer (CFO)


Жумуш берүүчү: International Company

A more than 10 years sustainably operating Micro Finance Institute in Kyrgyzstan with international development background

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Full – Time
To be based in Bishkek

Summary of the Position:

CFO must assure accurate and timely operation and professional organisation of the Finance Department. S/he is responsible for accurate and timely accounting, reporting, business planning, financial monitoring and funding of the Company.


 University degree in accounting, finance, banking, business management and/or related fields
 Professional experience of IAS, IFRS, management accounting
 Profound knowledge of the legislation, banking regulations and taxation in Kyrgyzstan
 Profound knowledge of financial services (loans, deposits & payment services)
 Experience to implement and maintain accounting, treasury, finance controlling
 Experience to guide staff with regard to finance management,
 strong managerial skills and competencies while being a team-player
 Fluent knowledge of Russian, English and Kyrgyz
 Minimum work experience of 10 years,
 Deep and profound knowledge and expertise within the Kyrgyz financial sector at senior managerial level is being considered as an asset

Милдеттер :

 Supervise the accounting, treasury and finance controlling with all internal and external reports
 Review and maintain Accounting, Tax, Controlling & Funding policies, procedures and other documents
 Guide the Company’s strategic & operational budgeting, financial planning and controlling
 Oversee suitable liquidity & funding planning and information about financial limitations
 Establish and maintain appropriate internal financial control process and systems
 Cooperate with tax authorities, social foundation, National Bank, audit firms and other 3rd parties
 Assure compliance of finance of the Organization and reporting in line with its mission & policies, banking regulations and Kyrgyz legislation

Staff responsibility
CFO is directly responsible for the accounting, finance & controlling staff at Head Office and professional guidance of respective staff at branches.

Perform other duties as may be requested by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Жумуш шарттары:

How to Apply:

Applications for this recruitment will only be accepted electronically.
Interested candidates are invited to submit a resume and a letter of interest stating the job title on the top to: humancapital.recruitmentdep@gmail.com

Applications Deadline: Feb. 19, 2018
Поиск работы №1 в Бишкеке
и Кыргызстане

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