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PE Teacher

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7200001 Бронированная 67 А

Окшош вакансиялар

  • 27 000 — 42 000 сом
    English teacher Учебно-образовательный комплекс, школа-гимназия, детский сад "Эрудит"

Bishkek International School is a non-profit community school providing excellent international education in a safe, supportive and friendly environment. The school opened in September 2011 and now has over 270 students with more students joining every term. Sixty percent of our students are American, Asian and European citizens, children of employees of embassies, international organizations and international business or NGOs. Forty percent of students are Kyrgyz citizens. The school welcomes all students regardless of ability, gender, ethnicity, language, or religious belief and everyone is encouraged to take part in all school activities. As an IB World School offering the IB Diploma, we are also in the authorisation process for IB PYP and IB MYP. We also have Cambridge International Examinations Accreditation for the IGCSE programme.


• University graduate
• Experience as a PE, dance or sports teacher
• Genuine enjoyment of working with school students and proven ability to enable a wide range of children to develop their academic and social potential
• Ability to plan strategically, to set and meet deadlines and to implement plans
• Capable of developing new educational programmes
• Excellent interpersonal, team leadership and membership skills
• Good spoken and written English

Милдеттер :

1. Assist the Athletics Director in developing and leading an integrated school sports strategy across the School – core PE, academic PE and extra-curricular sports
2. Work with the PYP Coordinator to develop and deliver an education programme based on the IB Primary Years Programme for children in the assigned year group;
3. Assist in developing and managing a balanced physical education program which includes formal opportunities to evaluate pupil progress for the purpose of informing teaching, guiding pupils and communicating with parents
4. Promote and be responsible for fair play, good sportsmanship, good conduct and good appearance throughout the School sport
5. Liaise with other areas of the School administration including transport, catering and facilities management
6. Collaborate with other teachers to ensure a consistent approach to learning and achievement of standards for each group
7. Differentiate instruction to meet the individual needs of each student to be socially and academically successful having regard to the abilities and aptitudes of individuals
8. Take overall responsibility for the assigned year groups and provide a positive learning environment for each student
9. Plan, keep and report appropriate records to school management and parents
10. Organize and manage extra-curricular activities that promote positive interactions among students of all ages
11. Maintain knowledge of current educational theory and practice and undertake professional training in liaison with school management.
12. Take an active role in development of the school in partnership with the Athletic Director and the school management.
13. Act in accordance with the budgets, policies, procedures, directions and decisions of the school management
14. Act as ambassador for the school and act in a manner that upholds the values and ethos of the school at all times
15. Maintain high quality standards in all areas of the school
16. Any other tasks as decided by management that contribute to the provision of quality education for children or the effective development of the School.

Жумуш шарттары:

Send your application in English by job.kg
Include: (i) a brief cover letter summarizing your suitability for the post and the reason for applying; (ii) your CV; (iii) a list of the referees with contact details.
Timing and Duration
The position is available from the 20th August 2019. The position is full-time

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