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Business Enabling Environment Program Manager

Жумуш берүүчү: Nathan Associates (0 вакансиянын)

1777 North Kent street

Nathan is a subcontractor to ACDI/VOCA under the USAID Enterprise Competitiveness Project in the Kyrgyz Republic. The USAID Enterprise Competitiveness Project (ECP) is a five-year initiative that aims to accelerate sales growth and increase job creation among Kyrgyzstani small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs). The ECP will partner with end-markets, SMEs, business development and advisory service providers, government agencies, associations, and other market actors who are willing to co-invest to accelerate inclusive, market-led growth. The project’s primary goal is to foster a system that increases market access and competitiveness, catalyzes investment, unlocks opportunities for women and youth, builds skills, and encourages a more enabling business environment.


At least 7-10 years of experience working in the field of commercial law development and BEE reform;
A law degree in a field relevant to BEE;
Strong understanding of business administration, marketing finance, economics, etc.;
A recent record of successes in private sector development and BEE intervention activities;
Experience integrating digital technologies into BEE systems;
Experience promoting women’s economic empowerment as an essential aspect of BEE reform;
Experience in creating a pro-business environment for private sector investment in the Kyrgyz Republic;
Excellent proficiency in Russian, Kyrgyz, and English (FSI levels 4/5) required.
Experience in three or more of the following areas: analyzing/drafting legislation; administrative law; business environment and regulatory reform; business formation and dissolution; women’s economic empowerment; small business advisory work; bankruptcy; company law; company restructuring/mergers/divestitures; corporate governance; small/medium/micro-enterprise legal issues; cybersecurity; digital financial systems; support for business organizations and associatio

Милдеттер :

Support ECP’s component oriented toward strengthening the business enabling environment, including through activities that help the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic strengthen its laws, regulations, institutional capacities, and practices that help facilitate growth and development of private enterprise;
Assist the BEE Director in engaging government agencies and private sector associations in learning about and advocating on behalf of inclusive, competitive development of SMEs;
Provide technical and administrative assistance in the execution of studies, workshops, training and other activities related to the BEE activities undertaken by ECP;
Support ECP’s BEE work through a “digital economy” lens, ensuring that project activities sufficiently integrate considerations relevant to the growing importance of digital technologies and data flows in the emergence of a vibrant and competitive SME sector;
Support ECP’s BEE work through a “women’s economic empowerment” lens, ensuring that project initiatives reflect the priority of gender equality in the law and equal opportunity for women in the economy;
Prepare scopes of work for consultants and companies to provide technical assistance to the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, as approved by USAID, the ECP Chief of Party, and the BEE Director; and
Other responsibilities as directed.

Жумуш шарттары:

Contract is 1 year long with possibility for extension. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.
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