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Жумуштун дареги: ул. Ахунбаева 42 а
M-Vector Исследования.Консалтинг.Тренинги

Head of Consulting Management Department


Жумуш берүүчү: M-Vector Исследования.Консалтинг.Тренинги (2 вакансиянын)

Ахунбаева 42а

A leading research and consulting agency in Central Asia, "M-Vector" Invites professional candidates to apply for the vacant position, Head of Consulting Management!

We are looking for a manager with a high level of managerial competence, willingness to develop, coordinate and motivate the team in achieving the goals of the company.


A candidate for this position must possess the following qualities and skills:
- Higher Education.
- No less than 10 years of working experience.
- Experience in successful project management for at least 5 years; - - Experience as a manager / managerial role for at least 3 years.
- Experience in implementing consulting, research or training projects in any industry.
- Confident MS Office user.
- Skills and experience working with specialized softwares such as MS Project, SPSS and other are welcomed.
- Excellent proficiency in Russian and English.

Personal Qualities:
- Sociability, ability to find a common ground with different people.
- Ability to organize a team and manage them efficiently.
- Leadership qualities, proactiveness.
- Stress tolerance, workability.
- High level of responsibility.
- Public Speaking Skills, presentation skills.

Милдеттер :

- Operational management of staff.
- Development of Consulting management department.
- Project Management.
- Strategic Planning and reporting.

Жумуш шарттары:

We offer:
- Competitive salary level.
- Stable and dynamic work for the long term.
- Opportunity to introduce and implement ideas for the development of new business division in the agency.
- Friendly professional team and working environment.
Поиск работы №1 в Бишкеке
и Кыргызстане

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