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Environmental expert

Жумуш берүүчү: KEIOS (0 вакансиянын)

Via G. Calderini 68, 00196, Rome

In the framework of a WB-funded tender for the "Urban upgrading of Osh e Uzgen", the Italian company Keios Srl (www.keios.it/en) is looking for a Kyrgyzstan-based Environmental expert.
Keios srl is an independent consulting firm based in Rome (Italy). Since 1984, the company is active in the fields of urban development, upgrading and regeneration, cultural heritage, sustainable tourism and design.


The incumbent must have the following minimum qualifications:

Degree in environmental-related subjects.
At least 10 years’ professional experience as Environmentalist in the framework of urban development projects (environmental analysis and assessments of urban interventions).
Knowledge of International and National environmental regulations and standards.
The Environmental expert will be responsible for the environmental dimension of the project. In particular, the expert will carry out the environmental analysis to complement the conceptual design and the identification & evaluation of investments (area-based interventions).

This position is open to individual consultants only.
Interested experts meeting the above requirements are required to send their CVs and short profile (in English only) to e.esposito@keios.it not later than August 06/08.
Only shortlisted candidates will be re-contacted.

Милдеттер :

The project's focus is related to support infrastructure development in selected areas of the 2 cities to improve local communities as well as visitors/tourists experience. In particular, the main objective is to elaborate conceptual design and support the identification of potential area-based strategic investments focusing on supporting tourism assets in selected locations.

Жумуш шарттары:

Work in Osh and Uzgen. Payment Schedule: 10% advance payment
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